Meaninglessness.  It’s a cardinal sin, and a personal demerit, right next to it’s close cousins despair and depression….

As an American Christian, I was brought up under the idea that THERE IS NOTHING MEANINGLESS in the faith.  In other words, any which way you slice your Christian beliefs, there should be nothing left over, and all can and SHOULD be used for some divine reason or purpose. Continue reading “THE MEANING OF MEANINGLESSNESS.”


You’ve seen it in the movies, or read it in a book.  It might be called a happy ending, but really, it’s more than that.

It’s the Death Star exploding while the Rebels speed away.  It’s Joker hanging upside down, handcuffed and fettered.  It’s Indiana Jones finally getting a good punch in on a Nazi.  It’s the final scenes, where Andy finds his freedom and the Continue reading “WHY EVIL ALWAYS LOSES”


As I’ve stepped back and pondered everything that’s happened over the past year, I’ve wondered, what was really at stake in the ballot box this election?

I suppose I had never really thought of it before, but it seems that much of this election season was about the elements of TRUTH vs. LOVE. This seems to be where the problem lies, and the problem we will wrestle with for the next four years….whether Democrat, Republican, or everything in between.

While I believe this election was very complicated and I’m not trying to trivialize it in any certain way, I DO believe there are a few simple answers in all this, and some introspection needed by all of us. Simply put, both candidates, in their own way, were the incarnate personifications of this thing called Truth and this thing called Love. They played a role, almost poetically, on a stage, and Continue reading “2016….WHAT WE LOST IN THE FIRE.”


I’d like to share an interesting experience I recently had.

The other day at church, I found myself sitting across from, and visiting with, a blind couple who were recently married. They kept being affectionate with each other, putting their arms around one another and whispering in each other’s ear. They would both occasionally laugh, chide each other, hold hands, Continue reading “BLIND LOVE”